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Princess Jenny wants her bare feet licked now! She takes her high heels. Her dirty soles gets stuffed in a man's mouth right there in public where people are walking past. The humiliation doesn't seem to bother him as he licks on her stinky feet clean right on the sidewalk. He is not fazed by the stickiness of her feet or how sweaty her feet are. He continues to worship her feet.

Innocent looking Cassandra sits on the edge of her couch. She demands that her sweaty feet be licked by her new foot slave. The innocent schoolgirl look fools him as she starts to do a round of sexual humiliation by stuffing her black stocking covered toes into his face. Her feet start to sweat. She pulls her foot slave's hair back so she can stuff them all in his hot mouth.

This Goddess makes her footboy horny by showing him her bare feet. She just met him and is not sure if she wants to date him. But she is down for a little foot slave humiliation and needs him to fulfill it for her. She takes off her Ugg boots and sweaty socks and flashes her sweaty feet at her friend. Tessa makes him do a thorough sole licking.

Italian dark skinned Giulietta wears her bare feet in some bejeweled flip flops. Sitting at a side table outside of a restaurant she suddenly gets the urge to have a foot slave worship her exposed feet right in public. She wants her feet to be licked completely cleaned. Giulietta searches for her next foot slave to give a little public humiliation and get her toes sucked until they are clean.

Sultry longated feet are slipped into silver strapped high heels. Lady Anja twirls her feet back and forth so her foot slave can get a sexy view of what will be shoved in his mouth for a one on one foot slave pov! Her shoe slave gets on his knees. He slowly stuffs one toe in his mouth. Her feet are just slightly sweaty but he still loves the foot worship. His cock is hard as hell

Melanie shows up with her feet in sexy black high heels. Once she takes them out of those heels she gives her foot slave a little peep show. She would love to have her foot slave lick the bottoms of her sweaty feet, that would send her pussy on another level. Her bare feet are freshly manicured. She teases her foot slave then goes in to stuff them in their mouth for a foot domination.

Dark haired fetish vixen Miss Stefanie gives her victim a dose of humiliation by making him her foot slave. She sits seductively on the edge of her chair with stunning high heels on her petite feet. She demands her victim to lick the bottom of her sweaty feet until she says to stop. Her bare feet is exposed and then she shoves her toes into his mouth while she smokes on her cigarettes back to back.

Last time you stopped by I saw that you love jerking off that tiny little dick of yours while you watch my sexy long legs in my nylon stockings, this time you can jerk that small dick BUT! you will cum only when I tell you to, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? You will watch me in my sexy stocking while you jerk off, because I know that I make you really horny. Is that right SLAVE?

This top Czech model Heidi with her sexy long legs pumps the pedals of her car with her high heels on, she then proceeds to removes her high heel shoes and lets her sexy gorgeous feet caress the pedals as she smashes down and the steam bellows out of the exhausts when the engine revs high. watch as she seductively removes her high heels and revs her car hard again and again.

The Supreme Goddess Kaylaa Rea is seeking the service of a number of willing slaves that she wants to humiliate. In this clip she sits and removes her smelly sneakers and 2-day old worn socks, at the end of the clip she gives her personal e-mail address where you can bid to be her slave, remember that she loves taking money especially if it's been hard earned by you.

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