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Lady Karame summoned her slave and she tortured him using her rubber boots. The mistress was not pleased with how he had ignored her instructions and she had to make sure it would never happen again. So she asked him to lick the soles of her boots and he did it even though they were dirty and she had used them to crush food and other items. He was also warned not to spit out or vomit.

This mistress loves to try different stuff. She is the kind of mistress who enjoys to do nasty things in the name of fun. Today she wanted to enjoy foot fetish. So she practiced what she was going to do to this loser when she met him. She wanted the loser to lick her boots as well as the soles of her boots and she would achieve all this just by teasing him.

Bratty and cute foot fetish babe Jamie sits on the floor with very short jeans shorts, long supple legs and boots. She takes her boots off and has nothing but her sweaty socks on. She takes a fake dick and starts rubbing her feet up and down on it. She wants you to imagine that she is giving you a hot footjob with her sweaty but sexy feet until you cum.

When Carmen comes him from roller skating, she has to get out of her boots. She peels them off and looks at her socks. While she is thinking of her socks, she lifts her foot to her nose, sniffing and loving it. She stretches her feet out and takes her socks off. She loves the breeze going over her feet. As she is enjoying herself, she notices her slave looking at her feet, masturbating his dick. She spread her toes a little wider and made him cum.

Sweet Jenny Nina wants to give you the POV of what it's like to be her foot slave. She just took her boots off and she has on some sexy animal print socks that are cute but still smell. She wiggles her sexy stocking feet in your face making you smell them. She knows how much you want her to take her socks off so you can see her bare feet.

Do we have a crush on Noemi? Well, of course we do. Who wouldn't? What's more, Noemi knows that we do. She knows that we do so bad that we'd do anything just to be near her. So she does what any sensible girl would do in this situation: she takes advantage of us to get some new foot slaves. She pushes her boots and then her nyloned feet into our face for us to lick.

When she is pissed off and annoyed, she needs a slave to help her relax and calm down. She doesn't like admitting it but she loves it when her slave is home and takes care of her feet. She enjoys having her boots slowly taken off and her toes massaged. She loves it when he puts her pink toes in his mouth, sucking and making her pussy clinch. She loves having her slave pay attention to her toes.

Walking around in those boots, no wonder Jenny Nina has stinky feet. She is more than happy to show you her boots, and then take them off to reveal her stinky sweaty socks. You will get a clear view of her sweaty little socks before she shows you her cute bare feet. The beautiful and young Jenny Ninja has gorgeous little sweaty feet, which she loves showing off for the camera.

Giantess Deeane looks down at her small insignificant slave Peter before she squishes him underneath the full weight of her knee high green and black leather boots. Little worm Peter gets crushed under the soles of the Giantess boots and he is not able to escape. The last thing he sees is the sexy Deeane's face as she smiles wickedly at him before crushing him with her heavy boots

Check out this hot blonde while she sits back on the couch, showing off her sexy feet while they are still covered in boots. She begins to slip off her high heeled boots and show off her feet in socks. It does not take long before she takes off her dirty socks and then shows off her beautiful bare feet. She would just love to have a slave to come and lick her feet clean.

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