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Alicia is a sweet 20 year old girl who looks innocent, but she loves to humiliate you by making you worship her feet. This POV shows how sexy she is as she sticks her shoes in your face. She loves how horny you get when she pulls her socks off and exposed her gorgeous bare feet. They are smelly but she still wants you to lick them clean for her.

Cathy needs a foot licking slave and that slave is you. Her shoes are very dirty and she wants you to lick them clean. When she takes them off after wearing them all day, she wants you to smell and lick her smelly feet like a good foot slave. She knows that it makes you horny when she humiliates you so she wants you to lick her feet clean if you are lucky.

Hot brunette Annabella has had a long day at the office and she wants you to help her relax and unwind by playing with her sexy nylon feet that she has taken out of her office shoes. Her feet are nice and sweaty and smelly from a long day at work and she wants you to stick your face on them and lick the bottom of her nylons for her

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