Foot Girl Clips

Hot foot fetish girls

Mistress Cleo comes home after a long day at school and wants you to come and worship her aching feet as she takes off her dirty sneakers revealing her sweaty socks forcing you to smell her socks. She then removes her socks showing you her foot slave her sweaty stinky bare feet and commands you to lick the dirty soles of her feet clean and not to forget sucking her toes clean.

Mistress Jessy has a passion for crushing things and has decided you her obedient foot slave will be next. She stands over humiliating you with her laughter as she uses her full weight to stand on your face with her bare feet. This crushing femdom loves causing you pain as she tramples your body from head to toe forcing you to smell her stinky sweaty bare feet as she shoves them in your face.

Miss Lindsey and Princess Bridgette are traveling in their high heels and boots, once they get inside their room they want you their shoe slave which is you to come and worship their aching feet. They point at their feet talking about how their sexy bare feet smell really bad and command you to smell their stinky feet. They laugh in your face humiliating you as they shove their feet in your face.

Princess Jenny loves teasing her foot slave which is you with her sexy dirty stocking covered bare feet. She humiliates you by making you beg for a taste as she commands you to lie down and watch her take off her stockings showing off her sexy bare feet. This hot femdom then teases you with her sexy painted toenails wiggling them in your face as she denies you the taste of her dirty soles and sweaty bare feet.

Mistress Katja comes home from walking all day and wants you her foot slave to worship her feet. She has you lie on the floor as she shoves her dirty shoes in your face to lick clean. She then takes off her stinky shoes revealing her stinky sweaty bare feet and commands that you lick her dirty soles clean and not to forget sucking her toes humiliating you as she commands you with every task.

Miss Lindsey and her friend Princess Josie want you to be their foot slave, they command you to get on your knees and lick their dirty sweaty feet clean. You better lick their soles clean otherwise the punishment is yours. These young femdoms will humiliate you when they laugh in your face telling you how pathetic you are as long as you suck their toes and eat their toe jam.

Lady Zita can never get enough shoe worship as she sits on her couch wearing her black high heels. She watches as you her shoe slave comes crawling to her feet and commands you to begin licking her dirty soles clean humiliating you by then telling you to suck and her heel. This femdom loves using her feet to dominate you with her tempting feet, don't forget to suck the toes of her shoes.

Goddess Megan and Mistress Paige are sitting on the couch relaxing as you their foot slave crawls on hands and knees to their feet. They laugh and point at you as you stare at their delicious stinky stocking covered feet humiliating you as they call you pathetic. They then command you to lick their dirty soles and stinky sweaty feet clean until they feel that you have done a good job.

This young mistress loves making you her shoe slave as you crawl around on the floor at her feet as she humiliates you making you lick her shoes clean and suck on the heels of her shoes. This femdom will make you beg for her attention as she uses her feet to dominate you while she shoves her shoes in your face forcing you to smell her sweet scent. She loves using her feet to dominate you!

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