Foot Girl Clips

Hot foot fetish girls

Mistress Saskia has sexy feet, but she likes to cause pain in them. She likes to trample losers and slaves with her feet, and does not care whether she causes pain or not. And she does not like to use her heels. She likes to use her bare feet to do the trampling and domination. There are also times she uses sweaty or stinking feet to achieve whatever she wants.

Salma and Selena have sexy feet. And they like showing off their feet. Part of their fun is when they get a loser or a slave to tickle their feet, lick and smell them. As an extra treat, they make sure that their feet are sweaty or they are stinky then they give the loser or slave to lick them and smell them. This usually makes them laugh and have a good time.

Mistress Marina knows that she has cute feet. Guys adore her feet and many want to lick, some smell them and the really weird ones want to fuck them. And it is because of guys obsession with her feet that she likes to show the off. She sometimes makes sure that they are stinky or dirty and then makes one of them lick them. She always has fun doing that.

When Carmen comes him from roller skating, she has to get out of her boots. She peels them off and looks at her socks. While she is thinking of her socks, she lifts her foot to her nose, sniffing and loving it. She stretches her feet out and takes her socks off. She loves the breeze going over her feet. As she is enjoying herself, she notices her slave looking at her feet, masturbating his dick. She spread her toes a little wider and made him cum.

Liberty knows that her slave will do anything to get to her feet. She knows that he likes her feet wet and sweaty. When her slave has misbehaved, she chains him out of reach of the sofa. She happily puts her feet on the edge of the sofa, peeling off her shoes. As she talks to him, she takes off her socks and dangle them in his face. As soon as he feet are bare, she tells her slave he can't have them until he has been a good boy.

When Liberty gets home, she has to relax. One of the first things she does is put her feet up on the sofa. When she does, her slave happily comes to her feet. He watches for her to take off her high heels and reveal her feet. As soon as she does, her slave starts to beg for permission to lick and suck her bare toes and feet. Sometimes she gives permission and other times, she denies him.

Molly knows her slave loves her feet. When she comes home, she loves to tease her slave with her feet. She puts her slave in his cage near the sofa. She doesn't want him to get near her feet. She puts her booted feet in front of the cage, wiggling her feet and teasing him. She takes her boots off and then tease him with her socks. Finally, she puts her bare feet in his face and watches him beg for the chance to fuck her feet.

When Felicia is laying around at home, she loves feeling her dirty feet. Although she has on shoes, she can feel the sweat and grime that is stuck to her socks. She takes her shoes off, knowing they will help her play with her feet better. She takes her socks off, stretching her feet and making her appreciate the breeze going across her feet. She loves the feel of her dirty feet being free.

After a long workout and a run, Jackie knows her feet smell horrible. She knows that her slave has a weak stomach. She puts her feet up in his face, toeing off her shoes. She smells her feet and they are rank. She watches her slave's face and as it loses color, she tells him to take her socks off. She makes her slave sit near her feet and inhale the funk coming from her feet.

When Lady Silvi puts on her nylons, she gets really turned on. She knows that she shouldn't but she loves it. She especially loves it when her slave puts his face against her feet, licking her soles through the slinky material. When she calls her slave over to her, she wants him to start playing with her feet. When she is finished with him, she is ready to go fuck her lover and leave her slave in the cage.

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