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Look at this POV of a beautiful asian girl teasing you with her beautiful feet. She holds her feet over your face to make you lick her shoes clean. You feel like you are there with her as she takes her shoes off and sticks her bare feet in your face to make you lick them too. Can you almost smell her sweaty feet and taste them as they go in your mouth?

Dani and Nina call a house meeting, saying that they have some things to discuss. You believe that they may have an issue with your cleaning, but instead they admit to you that they know about your foot fetish. They even have video evidence to prove that you've been stealing their socks and using their trainers for your own satisfaction. Although they first react with anger, they end up being amused with your fetish. They react by attempting to embarrass you, and Dani grabs you by the hair and sticks Nina's bare feet in your face. Can you resist the urge or these gorgeous girls beautiful feet?

Look out for these two they are not to be messed with but there is something so damn dangerous and hot about them that you cannot say no to whatever they are asking you to do. They stuff both of their black boots in your face and orders you to lick them clean. If you don't you will see a middle finger in your face.

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