Foot Girl Clips

Hot foot fetish girls

Miss Chloee just returned from the gym. She really worked up a sweat, and her socks smell terrible. Her gym socks sure are stinky and disgusting! She wants to tell you all about it, and give you a glimpse of her beautiful feet. Underneath those disgusting dirty socks, Miss Chloee has such gorgeous bare feet. Listen to her as she tells you about her socks, and just how sweaty and gross they are.

Pretty brunette Cassandra has gained full control of your mind with the power of her sexy bare feet. Her feet have been sweating all day long in her Converse sneakers so she wants to take them off to reveal her sweat stinky white socks. She teasingly takes her socks off and then shows off her pretty bare feet. The smell of her bare feet hits your nose and turns you on

Giantess Deeane looks down at her small insignificant slave Peter before she squishes him underneath the full weight of her knee high green and black leather boots. Little worm Peter gets crushed under the soles of the Giantess boots and he is not able to escape. The last thing he sees is the sexy Deeane's face as she smiles wickedly at him before crushing him with her heavy boots

Hot brunette Annabella has had a long day at the office and she wants you to help her relax and unwind by playing with her sexy nylon feet that she has taken out of her office shoes. Her feet are nice and sweaty and smelly from a long day at work and she wants you to stick your face on them and lick the bottom of her nylons for her

Emily is chilling out in her room relaxing with her pink heels on. She teasingly takes the heels off with her feet and shows off her hot nylon feet wrapped in pantyhose. The skin colored hose show off Emily's hot feet with her red painted toenails underneath. She places her nylon feet right in your face so you can get a good whiff of her sexy sweaty feet out of her heels

This hot sexy blonde is walking around the town with her black platform sandals on. She shows off her pretty bare feet with her red painted toenails as she casually walks about the town. Her beautiful blonde hair flows as she walks with her dark sunglasses on. She reveals the soles of her pretty bare feet as she arches her feet up inside the black platform heels as she walks

Mistress Emma is a sexy mistress that just got home from a long walk outside and she is ready to take her old worn out sneakers off her feet and gets her bare feet cleaned. Her feet are smelly and sweaty from walking with no socks on and she takes and makes you lick her sweaty soles clean with your tongue until they are spotless and do not smell any more.

This sexy mistress is bare foot standing on a piece of flattened cardboard with two fresh plump tomatoes under her feet. She then lifts up her sexy bare feet and stomps down on the tomato with her foot crushing it under her bare feet. You can see the tomato crush under her feet and the flesh of the tomato slide between each of her sexy toes and cover her feet with its juicy seeds.

Mistress Noemi is a sexy brunette mistress that knows you have a strong foot fetish and that you will do whatever she wants so that you can enjoy her feet. She has been wearing her socks all day long on a hot summers day and now she has them in your face rubbing her sweat and her smell all over your face. She then takes and makes you remove her socks and lick her bare feet clean.

Princess Isabella is a sexy mistress that knows that you love her feet and are addicted to them. She knows that every time you look at her feet that you are unable to think straight and that you lose your breath. She also knows that you will do whatever she asks of you when she shows you her feet. You are going to pay her a lot of money to keep watching her feet.

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