Foot Girl Clips

Hot foot fetish girls

One of Saskia's favorite pastimes is to trample her slaves and anyone who is not in her good books. She likes to use her shoes to do the punishment. She's so good at it that her friends sometimes bring their slaves, boyfriends and losers for her to punish using her sexy feet and shoes. She does not mind and actually enjoys it. She does not even charge them. The thrill is enough.

There was a time when Liberty was disgusted by stinky feet. But when she discovered that there are guys who have foot fetishes and dig dirty feet and stinky feet, she has always been taking advantage of that and making them to lick and clean her feet. When she's tired, she gets them to massage her feet. She has never looked back since and always uses her feet to get what she wants.

Claire is as beautiful as her feet are sexy. And there are many advantages that come with having such sexy and gorgeous feet. For starters, they give her a lot of attention and many people want to lick her feet, others to smell them while others want to massage them. There are also those who want to pay her to do these things to her feet while others do all sorts of errands for her so they can touch them.

Unlike many girls, Lenas does not mind her feet getting dirty. This is because she's not the one who cleans them. She always gets someone to do it. And even when her slave is away, there are guys who like to foot worship and have foot fetishes. So there is no shortage of guys who can clean up her feet by licking them and smelling them however she wants them to.

Goddess Amyleen Moore has sexy feet and she only buys and wears sexy heels. They are the only thing that deserve her feet. But what you don't know is that she has another duty for her feet. She likes to use them to trample her slaves, and once in a while, will let them stink and get sweaty so that she can use them to torture and dominate her slaves.

The best time for this mistress to trample and use her feet to dominate her slaves is when she has just finished her work out and her feet are hot and sweaty and her socks stinking. She does not care. All she wants is to have the satisfaction that someone licked and smelled her smelly and stinky feet and then trample on that person a little bit before she can rest.

Rachel's feet are rarely ever out of her sneakers. She always wears her sneakers because they are comfortable, easy to walk around, stylish and she can work out in them. The downside is that her feet stink a lot and they sweat a lot too. But she does not care because there is no shortage of men with a foot fetish who can give anything to worship her feet and lick them.

Lady Madlene has gorgeous feet. And she likes to treat them. Once in a while, she makes someone lick her sexy feet and give them a massage. Other times, she wears expensive jewelry on her feet so that her feet can feel the pleasure of the jewelry on them. She does not like her feet sweaty and stinky like other mistresses do. She prefers them remaining clean and elegant.

It is hot and Maggie likes to wear her shoes. The reason here is simple. She wants her feet to sweat and to stink so that she can have enough ammo for when she wants to torture and humiliate her slaves. When her feet and stinky, she usually calls her slave, sits back, relaxes and lets him massage her sexy feet, lick them, smell them and also clean them up.

Saskia likes to walk bare foot. Other people do not like to do that, but she has a reason. She has a full time slave whose work it is to make sure that her feet are clean. And she makes him lick and smell her feet as well. Once in a while whenever she's in the mood, she also tramples her slave with her dirty and stinky feet.

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