Foot Girl Clips

Hot foot fetish girls

Mistress Harley wanted to punish her slave and the best way she thought of doing it was to humiliate him by making him lick and smell her feet. So she told him to go to where she was. She made him lick her dirty feet and when he was done, she was surprised at how good a job the foot slave had done despite being humiliated. She plotted a tougher one for next time.

This mistress has a foot fetish. She enjoys it when her feet are all sweaty and she has to make someone lick them. She was indoors the whole day so she did not wear her shoes and so her feet were not sweaty. To humiliate her foot slave, she wrapped plastic foil on her feet and let her feet sweat before she made the slave lick her sweaty feet. He had no option.

This pretty mistress loves her feet so much that she has a terrific shoe collection. She loves to wear all sorts of high heels and shoes, but then when it is time for a worshiping session, she is going to make her slave clean and let her feet even if they might be dirty or sweaty from walking in her superb high heels all day long. She could care less.

A mistress is going to get her feet prepared with a pedicure before the weekend. She loves to have her feet in perfect condition before she decides is going to be a weekend full of fun using her slaves to worship her feet and rubbed them until she is happy. She will even make her slaves groom her feet and give them massages until she is satisfied and completely comfortable.

Megan loves to wear high heels, because she is so sexy and attractive. She also has a plan of wearing a pair of sexy nylons underneath her high heels, because her goal is to have her slave worship her feet after she has been wearing her sexy nylons all day long. Her nylons might be dirty and sweaty from the long day, but she does not care at all.

Goddess Aicha and her pretty feet are hoping for some delightful worshiping by a loser slave in the near future. She is hoping to have a slave rub lotion on her feet so that she is able to relax and enjoy her afternoon. The slave better not ruin her afternoon, or she might get really angry at the slave and kick him out of her house and forbid him to come around her until she wants him to.

Lady Vivian and her nylons can be extremely sexy and terrific for a slave to check out. She is going to invite a slave over, but she has not told the slave that her nylons on her feet are actually dirty and sweaty. She is very hard-core and manipulative, so she cannot wait to see his face when he discovers that her perfect nylons are not as perfect as he anticipated.

Lady Mandy is one of the most hard-core mistresses ever around. She loves to wear her high heels and walk through lots of dog shit and other things. Then she will invite her slave over because he needs to clean off her high heels with his mouth! She could care less if he's eating dog shit from the bottoms of her shoes because she is laughing at how pathetic he is.

She makes it her goal to have slaves completely obsessed with her feet. She loves to put on a sexy pair of nylons, but then she also puts on a pair of high heels that are so hot and attractive. She is going to make her slaves go wild with her shoes, but really she is going to also make them obsessed with her feet and her high heels.

A handyman is going to get orders from a lady who is quite demanding and she also knows how to take control of situations. She is going to tell the handyman to get out his cock and just sit underneath her desk because she has special plans for this handyman. She is going to stroke his cock with her feet and humiliate him for getting a huge boner under her desk.

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