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Mistress Lana loves getting foot massages and foot licking. That is her best way to relax. When she gets that from a slave, she gets to totally relax. But when she gets the same from someone she has feelings for, it becomes a turn on. It all depends on who is doing it for her. Today she got it from her slave because she had had a long day and wanted to unwind.

This mistress wanted to compare the damage her high heels did to her the pavement versus what they did to her slave's body when she used them to trample him. She filmed herself walking on a pavement and dragging her heels on the pavement. She found there was an impact on both the pavement and the high heels themselves. She knew the effect on the slave is much more than that.

This hot lady shows off her beautiful feet. She dangles her feet out of her hot slinky black pumps. Her toes are painted very nicely and she has gorgeous feet. She loves showing off her gorgeous feet for you. Her feet are so pretty and dainty. She wants you to be teased and turned on by her feet and her sexy shoes! Teasing you is one of her favorite things to do.

Magali is a hot and sexy mistress. She is a mistress with a foot fetish and likes to have her feet pampered. She enjoys it when she can get her feet massaged and given a good rub. She also likes to use her feet to punish those who do not pamper her feet well. She can make them lick and smell her shoes and her socks or even decide to trample them.

This mistress has a thing for high heels. She loves wearing them because they make her look good. But she also likes to wear them because she uses them to humiliate and punish losers and slaves. She does so because she knows high heels can be extremely painful when used to trample and stomp on someone. So she went to the store today and bought a few pairs for herself.

This mistress has a foot fetish. She enjoys it when her feet are all sweaty and she has to make someone lick them. She was indoors the whole day so she did not wear her shoes and so her feet were not sweaty. To humiliate her foot slave, she wrapped plastic foil on her feet and let her feet sweat before she made the slave lick her sweaty feet. He had no option.

Marina likes her feet more than any other part of her body. They carry her from place to place, but they also make her feel special. They are sexy and cute, and guys outdo each other so that they can have a piece of them. They have given her many favours, and whatever these guys do to her feet is usually adventurous and fun and she never gets bored with it.

Other mistresses like trampling slaves with their feet. Liberty on the other hand likes to use her feet for pleasure. The pleasure is mutual between her and guys with a foot fetish. She likes how they lick, smell and suck her toes, massage her feet and hold them. Sometimes it turns her on. So she enjoys it and the guys also get to satisfy their desires and fetishes with her feet.

Sofie was introduces to foot fetishism and she likes nothing better. She likes watching what different guys do to her feet. She likes to have them lick her feet, suck her toes and even massage her feet. Some even offer to pay her. And sometimes, one of them does it so good that she not only likes it, but she gets turned on instead! But she likes the adventure.

Mistress Marinas feet are always shielded in pantyhose. That is because she does not want them to get dirty and she also wants to be appealing when her neighbour comes to her house. She has a thing for him and he has a thing for sexy feet. So they are good for each other. She lets him lick her feet and he pounds her hard, making it a win win situation.

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