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Other mistresses like trampling slaves with their feet. Liberty on the other hand likes to use her feet for pleasure. The pleasure is mutual between her and guys with a foot fetish. She likes how they lick, smell and suck her toes, massage her feet and hold them. Sometimes it turns her on. So she enjoys it and the guys also get to satisfy their desires and fetishes with her feet.

Audrey is turned on when her feet are licked and her toes sucked. She has gorgeous feet, and one day a guy with a foot fetish approached her and licked, sucked and massaged her feet and she was so turned on that nowadays that is what she always wants done to her. It had opened a whole new world she never knew existed up until when that happened to her.

Mistress Samantha is a sexy brunette mistress at work that has caught you looking at her feet from time to time as she knows that you want them. Even worse she has caught you in her office sniffing her shoes while you thought that she was not looking. Now she stands in front of you after she called you into her office and wants you to accept your role as her new foot slave!

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