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Felicia is quite demanding. She wants a personal slave to worship her feet and today that foot slave is you. You have the POV of her sticking her shoes in your face. Then she takes her shoes off and shoves them in your face to smell them before finally taking her socks off making you lick and worship her sexy bare feet and smell her sweaty socks that she wore all day.

Sweet Jenny Nina wants to give you the POV of what it's like to be her foot slave. She just took her boots off and she has on some sexy animal print socks that are cute but still smell. She wiggles her sexy stocking feet in your face making you smell them. She knows how much you want her to take her socks off so you can see her bare feet.

Look at this POV of a beautiful asian girl teasing you with her beautiful feet. She holds her feet over your face to make you lick her shoes clean. You feel like you are there with her as she takes her shoes off and sticks her bare feet in your face to make you lick them too. Can you almost smell her sweaty feet and taste them as they go in your mouth?

Cute and provocative Cris sits in the tub with her dirty feet on the side. She loves to tease by making you watch her wash her stinky feet without being able to touch. She sticks her soles in the camera showing you how soapy they are. She washes her feet slowly because she knows how it humiliates you that you want to be there with her so bad and lick her feet.

Nika has some big sexy feet and she likes to show them off. Normally she wouldn't like her big feet, but she learned that loser foot slaves like you love to look at them and the bigger they are the hornier you get. She looks into the camera as if she's looking at you and judging you for being such a foot fetish slave who loves her feet so much.

Jana is an absolutely gorgeous blonde who gets off on your humiliation. She makes you lie there helpless as she tramples your face with her high heels. At least you get to look up her skirt as she takes her high heels off and tramples your face with her sweaty bare feet. She wants you to be a good foot slave and let her trample you until she is done with you.

Cathy needs a foot licking slave and that slave is you. Her shoes are very dirty and she wants you to lick them clean. When she takes them off after wearing them all day, she wants you to smell and lick her smelly feet like a good foot slave. She knows that it makes you horny when she humiliates you so she wants you to lick her feet clean if you are lucky.

Sexy brunette Miss Kimmy had a specific request from an obsessed fan. They wanted her to ridicule and degrade her fans that are fat losers. She pulls no punches as she tells them what loser overweight slaves they are. The camera pans to her boyfriend who is watching her degrade fat men. Now she wants one in person so she can stick her stinky feet in their mouth and humiliate them.

This young emo punk beauty is taking a little time and putting her feet up while she chats on the internet. She wants us to worship her feet, to suck on her toes and lick her soles and kiss the perfect skin on the top of her feet. She is ready to humiliate us for the chance to dominate us under her feet. She knows we will be waiting for her.

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