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Madame Marissa wanted this loser to understand that there were consequences for whatever he did. She did not want to let him get away with what he had done. So she made the poor guy lick her boots. She had made sure they were dirty before she got him to lick the sole. She warned him of trampling by the same heels if he did not lick her boots the way she had instructed him.

This mistress found her man cheating and she was so mad at him that she stormed out of the house. He did not know where she was going so he waited for her. She went to the stable and she waded in horse shit. She then went back into the house and used the same boots with horse shit to crush and trample her man. She even made him lick them.

Look at this POV of a beautiful asian girl teasing you with her beautiful feet. She holds her feet over your face to make you lick her shoes clean. You feel like you are there with her as she takes her shoes off and sticks her bare feet in your face to make you lick them too. Can you almost smell her sweaty feet and taste them as they go in your mouth?

Lady Melissa loves when her shoes are worshiped, her foot slave crawls to her feet where she commands to have her shoes licked clean, don't forget her dirty soles. She then takes off her stinky shoes forcing you to smell them as she shoves her sweaty socks in her slaves face to smell as well. This foot domination is a hot foot POV scene that will make you want to lick her soles clean.

Mistress Katja comes home from walking all day and wants you her foot slave to worship her feet. She has you lie on the floor as she shoves her dirty shoes in your face to lick clean. She then takes off her stinky shoes revealing her stinky sweaty bare feet and commands that you lick her dirty soles clean and not to forget sucking her toes humiliating you as she commands you with every task.

Lady Zita can never get enough shoe worship as she sits on her couch wearing her black high heels. She watches as you her shoe slave comes crawling to her feet and commands you to begin licking her dirty soles clean humiliating you by then telling you to suck and her heel. This femdom loves using her feet to dominate you with her tempting feet, don't forget to suck the toes of her shoes.

This young mistress loves making you her shoe slave as you crawl around on the floor at her feet as she humiliates you making you lick her shoes clean and suck on the heels of her shoes. This femdom will make you beg for her attention as she uses her feet to dominate you while she shoves her shoes in your face forcing you to smell her sweet scent. She loves using her feet to dominate you!

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