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This mean brat has been tromping around all day in her sneakers. There's all sorts of dirt and grit stuck to the bottom of her filthy shoes. She lifts her foot up over her shoe slave, getting ready to smear the dirt from her shoes all over his face. Pieces of grit, dirt and sand stick to his face where she's wiped her shoe, but she's not done. She orders her slave to stick out his tongue for the same treatment.

Miss Lindsey and Princess Bridgette are traveling in their high heels and boots, once they get inside their room they want you their shoe slave which is you to come and worship their aching feet. They point at their feet talking about how their sexy bare feet smell really bad and command you to smell their stinky feet. They laugh in your face humiliating you as they shove their feet in your face.

This young mistress loves making you her shoe slave as you crawl around on the floor at her feet as she humiliates you making you lick her shoes clean and suck on the heels of her shoes. This femdom will make you beg for her attention as she uses her feet to dominate you while she shoves her shoes in your face forcing you to smell her sweet scent. She loves using her feet to dominate you!

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