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Miss Lindsey and Princess Bridgette tease you with their sexy bodies and sexy tits as they sit down and remove their high heels and point at their bare feet commanding you to lick their dirty sweaty soles of their feet. These young mistresses then command you to lick their toes as they humiliate you by laughing in your face calling you pathetic as you worship their stinky sweaty feet for you to clean.

Miss Lindsey and Princess Bridgette are traveling in their high heels and boots, once they get inside their room they want you their shoe slave which is you to come and worship their aching feet. They point at their feet talking about how their sexy bare feet smell really bad and command you to smell their stinky feet. They laugh in your face humiliating you as they shove their feet in your face.

Miss Lindsey and her friend Princess Josie want you to be their foot slave, they command you to get on your knees and lick their dirty sweaty feet clean. You better lick their soles clean otherwise the punishment is yours. These young femdoms will humiliate you when they laugh in your face telling you how pathetic you are as long as you suck their toes and eat their toe jam.

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