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This sexy mistress is bare foot standing on a piece of flattened cardboard with two fresh plump tomatoes under her feet. She then lifts up her sexy bare feet and stomps down on the tomato with her foot crushing it under her bare feet. You can see the tomato crush under her feet and the flesh of the tomato slide between each of her sexy toes and cover her feet with its juicy seeds.

Mistress Noemi is a sexy brunette mistress that knows you have a strong foot fetish and that you will do whatever she wants so that you can enjoy her feet. She has been wearing her socks all day long on a hot summers day and now she has them in your face rubbing her sweat and her smell all over your face. She then takes and makes you remove her socks and lick her bare feet clean.

Princess Isabella is a sexy mistress that knows that you love her feet and are addicted to them. She knows that every time you look at her feet that you are unable to think straight and that you lose your breath. She also knows that you will do whatever she asks of you when she shows you her feet. You are going to pay her a lot of money to keep watching her feet.

Mistress Samantha is a sexy brunette mistress at work that has caught you looking at her feet from time to time as she knows that you want them. Even worse she has caught you in her office sniffing her shoes while you thought that she was not looking. Now she stands in front of you after she called you into her office and wants you to accept your role as her new foot slave!

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