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In this hot video, the camera man gets up close and personal with a sexy brunette beauty who is kind of embarrassed by his fetish. He gets to smell her bare stinky feet. They smell so delicious and it makes him so excited! But she doesn't really care for it and is only slightly amused by his obsession with her feet. You probably wish you were there and looking at her gorgeous feet!

This sexy bitch mistress lady wants you to lick her shoes and feet!! First she wears high heeled black fetish boots, which are so sexy and she wants you to lick them off. Then she takes off her boots to show her dirty smelly feet, which you have to lick and suck! Her bare feet are so dirty but you are just a foot slave so you have to lick them.

This hot mistress has a pair of disgusting, dirty old shoes, that are so old and worn out! She expects you to clean them and lick them until she is content with how they look. Even though they are old and won't look better even if she cleans them, she still expects her slave to give her the royal treatment! Her shoes should be sparkling by the time she gets them back!

Marta is a very pretty model, but she also has a very sexy secret that all of her slaves adore. She has the best looking feet ever. All of the lucky slaves that are around her love to worship her feet. She can make every slave drop to their knees in front of her just for a chance to worship her very pretty and delicate feet.

Kim has the cutest feet ever. She loves to tease her slaves with her perfect little feet. She will show off her cute sneakers, but the best part is when she removes her sneakers to show how dirty her socks are. Kim will put her dirty socks on display, because she wants her slaves to beg to serve her feet. She will pick the best slave.

Princess Isabella is a sexy mistress that knows that you love her feet and are addicted to them. She knows that every time you look at her feet that you are unable to think straight and that you lose your breath. She also knows that you will do whatever she asks of you when she shows you her feet. You are going to pay her a lot of money to keep watching her feet.

This sexy LadyGinaBlue is wearing a sexy pair of red and silver platform shoes as she looks at you with her brunette hair hanging over her shoulders. She grabs the bottom of her heel and pulls her shoe off of her sexy feet. Once she takes off her heels you see her flawless feet as she allows you to see worship her feet and her sexy red and silver high heels!

This sexy blonde mistress is wearing a pair of gold open toe sandals as she poses outside in the sun light. As the sun hits the sandals you can see the glowing beauty of her sexy perfect feet. She poses in all sorts of positions and from almost every angle to make sure all of her beauty can be captured. Towards the end of the clip there are two other babes wearing silver sandals showing off their sexy feet.

The sexy Princess Fierce is all dolled up in her sexy white stockings and today she is going to let your horny ass stroke her feet. She knows you are turned on by those perfect size 9's but she is going to make sure you don't cum. She will steal your orgasm like a thief in the night because a nasty foot bitch like you doesn't deserve to cum at all

This sexy mistress is Amelie, and she has no qualms about making you worship her beautiful feet. She shows you her dirty and stinky socks, almost as if ordering you to smell and lick them to her heart's content. She reveals her bare feet, which turn out to be some very stinky feet, and she wants you to worship them, rubbing them up and down your body. Don't let her down!

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