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Kim has the cutest feet ever. She loves to tease her slaves with her perfect little feet. She will show off her cute sneakers, but the best part is when she removes her sneakers to show how dirty her socks are. Kim will put her dirty socks on display, because she wants her slaves to beg to serve her feet. She will pick the best slave.

A very sexy babe will take off her shoes to expose her dirty nylons. She loves to tease and make her slave go nuts hoping to lick and suck on her nylons, and her dirty sweaty feet. She doesn't care one bit about the odor, because she is a goddess and will be treated as one. Her slave knows to get over to her as soon as possible.

When she is pissed off and annoyed, she needs a slave to help her relax and calm down. She doesn't like admitting it but she loves it when her slave is home and takes care of her feet. She enjoys having her boots slowly taken off and her toes massaged. She loves it when he puts her pink toes in his mouth, sucking and making her pussy clinch. She loves having her slave pay attention to her toes.

Giantess Deeane looks down at her small insignificant slave Peter before she squishes him underneath the full weight of her knee high green and black leather boots. Little worm Peter gets crushed under the soles of the Giantess boots and he is not able to escape. The last thing he sees is the sexy Deeane's face as she smiles wickedly at him before crushing him with her heavy boots

Princess Isabella is a sexy mistress that knows that you love her feet and are addicted to them. She knows that every time you look at her feet that you are unable to think straight and that you lose your breath. She also knows that you will do whatever she asks of you when she shows you her feet. You are going to pay her a lot of money to keep watching her feet.

This sexy mistress is Amelie, and she has no qualms about making you worship her beautiful feet. She shows you her dirty and stinky socks, almost as if ordering you to smell and lick them to her heart's content. She reveals her bare feet, which turn out to be some very stinky feet, and she wants you to worship them, rubbing them up and down your body. Don't let her down!

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