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This young emo punk beauty is taking a little time and putting her feet up while she chats on the internet. She wants us to worship her feet, to suck on her toes and lick her soles and kiss the perfect skin on the top of her feet. She is ready to humiliate us for the chance to dominate us under her feet. She knows we will be waiting for her.

This kinky dark-haired beauty has set up a little camera in front of her mirror while she takes the time to paint her nails nice and slowly so that everyone can see. She knows that there are lots of us out there that would do anything to dive in and lick her feet and suck on her toes and worship her feet, so she enjoys subjecting us to this torture.

Mistress Jana sits down in her favorite chair after a long and hard day at the office and takes off her shoes. The smell is intoxicating and she knows that we want to lick her feet. But first we have to do a good job on the socks. She mashes her dirty gray socks into our face and forces us to smell the smell of her leathery boot sock sweat.

Do we have a crush on Noemi? Well, of course we do. Who wouldn't? What's more, Noemi knows that we do. She knows that we do so bad that we'd do anything just to be near her. So she does what any sensible girl would do in this situation: she takes advantage of us to get some new foot slaves. She pushes her boots and then her nyloned feet into our face for us to lick.

Sexy beast Angela's got an attitude. She lays back and talks dirty to us while she's smoking a cigarette. She doesn't care what we think, because she already knows what we need. So she gets us to shut up and take it. She digs her sweaty toes right into our face and gets us to lick them good and suck on them over and over again until they're clean.

The amazing and dominant Amy loves it when new foot slaves come around to play with her. She shows us her bare feet and then pulls back to give us a nice little view of her ass cheeks and spanks herself. Then she pushes her bare feet forward again and orders us to cum on them. Only then can we hope to be her full time foot servants like she needs.

In this video Svenja wears her best shear white stockings for the camera. She shows off her long and perfect legs, swirling them around in the air before dropping them right on top of us. Of course we wouldn't want to disappoint a sexy MILF mistress like Svenja, and so we do as we're told and sniff all the scent out of her dirty feet and then start licking away.

In this POV video, the luxurious French beauty Celia gives you what you want most: a taste of her stinky feet. After a difficult day, she loves having a slave like you around to give her a bath. She takes off her boots and socks and waves her dirty little toes right in your face and underneath your nose and demands that you suck on each one individually and then lick them clean.

Helena is a very cool mistress with a huge following of slaves that love her dirty feet. Helena has the smelliest feet ever, so when she walks around long enough, they are going to get very dirty. When she wants a slave to come over, she just flashes her slaves a view of her dirty soles in her webcam. From there she can determine which slave to pick.

A pretty babe will get her feet all nice and clean for one of her slaves. She takes pride in the way her feet look all the time. Her feet have toenail polish, so she must get the polish remover to help her make her toes become completely bare. The babe knows all of her slaves will appreciate just how perfect and clean her feet are.

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