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When Felicia is laying around at home, she loves feeling her dirty feet. Although she has on shoes, she can feel the sweat and grime that is stuck to her socks. She takes her shoes off, knowing they will help her play with her feet better. She takes her socks off, stretching her feet and making her appreciate the breeze going across her feet. She loves the feel of her dirty feet being free.

When Sharon comes home from work, her feet are normally hurting from being on them all day. She takes off her shoes to reveal dirty socks to her slave. She makes her slave smell her sweaty shoes and puts her dirty socks on his face. She slowly takes her socks off and puts them in her slave's face. As soon as she has the strength, she tells her slave to lick and suck the cramps from her feet.

Check out this hot blonde while she sits back on the couch, showing off her sexy feet while they are still covered in boots. She begins to slip off her high heeled boots and show off her feet in socks. It does not take long before she takes off her dirty socks and then shows off her beautiful bare feet. She would just love to have a slave to come and lick her feet clean.

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