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Liberty is a sneaker girl. But when worn for long, sneakers can get stinky and also make your feet sweaty. While attempting to clean her feet one day, a guy foot worshipped her and cleaned them even licked them. Since that day she has never had to clean her stinky feet and smelly socks again. She knows she can get them done for her and even get a massage as part of the deal.

Herrin Amy likes to have her feet fucked. She learned about it a few months ago, and it crazy about it. There are many guys with foot fetishes, and they love her sexy feet. She also feels a thrill and there is no risk of pregnancy from it. She does not have to take a pill and she gets all sorts of favours including cash from the guys who want to fuck her feet.

Lady Madlene has gorgeous feet. And she likes to treat them. Once in a while, she makes someone lick her sexy feet and give them a massage. Other times, she wears expensive jewelry on her feet so that her feet can feel the pleasure of the jewelry on them. She does not like her feet sweaty and stinky like other mistresses do. She prefers them remaining clean and elegant.

Jenny Nina wears socks a lot. And the downside is that her socks and her feet stink at times. She does not mind it because her neighbour has a foot fetish, and she just calls him and he comes running to lick and smell her feet. At first it was awkward for her, but now she totally likes it and takes advantage of it to clean up her feet when they are dirty.

Salma and Selena have sexy feet. And they like showing off their feet. Part of their fun is when they get a loser or a slave to tickle their feet, lick and smell them. As an extra treat, they make sure that their feet are sweaty or they are stinky then they give the loser or slave to lick them and smell them. This usually makes them laugh and have a good time.

Miss Deeane has been outside working in her garden and after spending the afternoon walking around in the mud in her bare feet the soles of her feet are filthy. She sits down on the ground and lifts her feet up to her slave and makes him see how dirty that they are. She then makes her slave start licking her feet and makes him use his tongue to lick every last piece of dirt off of her feet.

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