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Lisa Jordan is a beautiful brunette Goddess who loves showing off all of her assets. Today she shows you her lovely bare feet and her sexy strapped sandals. She has been walking around all day in her sexy sandals and has accumulated so much dirt for you to lick off them. She has sweat mixed in with the dirt kicked up underneath her sexy bare feet and hot soles.

Pretty blonde Lilia washes her hot soles in the tub. She soaps up her sexy bare feet and pours water all over them getting every square inch of her bare feet clean including her sexy soles. She is a fuckable milf with sexy long blonde hair and beautiful long feminine feet. She washes her feet very slowly teasing you as she lets the water run down her long feet.

Princess Fatale is one hot babe, but it's her feet that have slaves going nuts. When she puts her foot in the air, there isn't one slave that can deny trying to do anything they can to lick her feet. She is amused by that, and will laugh watching them all beg her. She is a very hot and sexy mistress with amazing powers over her slaves.

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